A Chess Club

Vision: Our vision is to achieve Grandmaster title in chess field and to guide the journey and experience to chess devotes. 

Welcome to the new era of chess: After almost 1600 years, through the great travel all around the world. It seems that chess is coming to its origin.

USA, Europe & Russia have explored the game for very long time in the modern way. India had great exploration in ancient chess and old rules but, now time has come to dive deep in modern chess with huge support, motivation & preparation. 

Indian prodigies are taking over the chess history, encourage people to play chess, unrolling their ultimate focus, outstanding hard work & vision.

Beginners are developing new mindset and demeaner to become a great chess player with the reflection of themselves in dynamic chess world. 

Opportunities, social media and ground level support are becoming growth factor to understand life changing benefits of chess. 

Chess gives you develop mindfulness and consciousness level with decision makings skills, intellectual skills, emotion management skills and leadership skills under pressurised situation. 

Let´s get back to our club!

KnightX Chess Club was founded by an enthusiast of chess with the purpose with influencing chess in India and bring this game to its origin´s people who does not get the right platform and environment to spend quality time behind interest and passion.

After researching different ways in India and Europe to influence chess, we have come to a decision which help us to grow through online and offline platforms. 

KnightX is a chess club inspired by the environment of German chess clubs. Where chess lovers meet according to their time flexibility and play games, drink coffee as well as talk about their life journeys in chess world with just small monthly membership fees of Rs. 1000.

Because, we encourage people first who knows basic concept, strategies and planning of chess. To elevate their chess skills by self-learnings, club helps regarding preparation material, different ways to improve visuals and imaginations as well as source of career making changes in chess world. 

Club provides coaching to those people who really requires teaching help with basics and struggling with concept understanding problems. As they start leaning by themselves, we stop coaching. We support our members to push their on-board practice limit and provide that kind of platform for visionaries. 

In the environment of our club, members are provided with most readable chess books, online platforms like, as well as other live chess platforms.

This is our way of influencing and making chess easily available for people.

To run a chess club and give full time behind chess with no short-term expectation storms your brain day by day through energy ups and downs in the struggle of ‘Bringing Some Good Change’ for the country.

As a part of solution, we have brought some merchandise to sustain and fight with economical problems of the club. We will deliver you quality product with full satisfaction to gain your trust. We have also return and replacement facilities available to give you the proper value for your money. 

By choosing a startup, rather than a big brand, you are forwarding your support to chess lovers on ground level, ultimately to the sports world.

Just give us a try!!

As an ethical promise to our self and club, we will be distributing a tournament size green and white chess set on every 20 successful orders.  That can raise interest and opportunity to learn chess.

Together with above idea we also influence chess online and offline on our social media platforms as well as trying to make quality chess products easily available for chess fan. Check @ChessProducts @SocialMedia 

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